A workload domain consists of VMware ESXi hosts managed by a single VMware vCenter Server instance, storage for workload data, and network equipment to connect to the data center.

Compute Workload Domain: The compute workload domain can contain multiple vSphere clusters. These clusters can contain a minimum of two ESXi hosts and a maximum of 96 or 64 hosts (when using vSAN), depending on the resource and availability requirements of the solution being deployed. You can use this compute workload domain to add cell site hosts for the Telco Cloud Platform RAN deployments. For more information about configuration limits for ESXi hosts and vCenter Server, see vSphere Configuration Maximums.

Each compute workload domain can support a maximum of 2000 ESXi hosts and 25000 VMs. If you use other management and monitoring tools, the vCenter maximums do not apply and the actual number of ESXi hosts and VMs per workload domain might be less. For more information about configuration limits for Telco Cloud Automation Manager, see Telco Cloud Automation Configuration Maximums.

Figure 1. Workload Domain Architecture
Workload Domain Architecture