After upgrading Telco Cloud Platform RAN from version 2.2 to 3.0, verify that all the components are working as expected. Delete the snapshots that you took before the upgrade.




Physical Infrastructure


  • Switches are accessible.

  • All VLAN communications are working properly.


  • Open the host client on a browser and verify that you can log in to the host.


  • vSAN is accessible and is in a healthy state.

Management and Compute vCenter Servers

  • Management and Compute vCenter Servers are accessible.

  • All cluster properties are correct.

  • All vSphere Distributed Switches are working properly.

Aria Automation Orchestrator

  • Aria Automation Orchestrator is accessible and workflows can be run

Tanzu Kubernetes cluster

  • All pods in the Tanzu Kubernetes management and workload clusters must be up and running.

  • Users must be able to instantiate new Cloud native Network Functions (CNFs).

  • Users must be able to deploy new Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.