VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN is powered by field-proven virtualization, carrier-grade Container-as- a-Service (CaaS), and multi-layer automation that are consistent with its 5G core and edge offerings. This end-to-end consistency achieved by the coherent underpinning platform across 5G networks enables CSPs to provision 5G services customized for different enterprise and consumer markets while providing unparalleled operational efficiency. Telco Cloud Platform RAN is designed to meet the performance and latency requirements inherent to RAN workloads.

  • Enables CSPs to run virtualized Baseband functions that include virtualized Distributed Units (vDUs) and virtualized Central Units (vCUs).

  • Simplifies CSPs’ operations consistently across distributed vRAN sites with centralized cloud-first automation, while reducing the Operating Expense (OpEx).

  • Provides operational consistency by removing business uncertainties and reduces ballooning costs associated with 5G deployment.

  • Enables CSPs to accelerate innovation speed, deploy 5G services fast, and scale the services as customers’ demands increase.

Figure 1. End-to-End Architecture with 5G Core and RAN
End-to-End Architecture with 5G Core and RAN