The Core domain for the Telco cloud leverages the 4G and 5G Core VNFs and CNFs on top of a horizontal cloud platform.

The core of the Telco Cloud, which is used for the deployment of non-RAN VNFs and CNFs, is based on the concepts of workload domains and clusters as highlighted in Workload Domains and vSphere Cluster Design.

The core of the Telco Cloud is a horizontal telco cloud architecture that is suitable for multi-function, multi-vendor implementations, and multi-cloud deployments. Repeated deployments of common, reusable modular blocks are used to create the core of the Telco Cloud.

Figure 1. Modular Telco Cloud Core
Modular Telco Cloud Core

In the modular deployment of the Telco Cloud core, a centralized management domain is created along with two workload domains.

  • Workload Domain 1 supports a full suite of Telco cloud services. It serves VNF, Core CNFs, CRAN deployments as well as edge and cell sites. An additional Edge domain is created for NSX and Load Balancer edge nodes.

  • Workload Domain 2 is a smaller domain with its own Management cluster, but serves only the core CNF.

In this Core architecture, each workload domain has some remote clusters. These remote clusters are connected to the workload domain vCenter but are geographically distributed from a single location for the management and compute clusters.