The Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO) is an operator which works as an ingress Controller and performs Avi-specific functions in a Kubernetes environment with the Avi Controller. It remains in sync with the necessary Kubernetes objects and calls Avi Controller APIs to configure the virtual services.

For more information, see the Avi Networks documentation.


To install AKO on a Kubernetes cluster, the Kubernetes cluster must be configured with Multus and Calico CNI (required) and with MTU 9000 (recommended) to test Jumbo frames.


  1. Install the Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO) on a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster using CSAR instantiation.
  2. Enable Route Host Injection (RHI) using the configMap of AKO installed on the Kubernetes cluster.
  3. Instantiate the required load balancing service on the VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager of service type LoadBalancer.

    Upon the instantiation of the load balancing service, the AKO operator requests the AVI controller to deploy a Service Engine and allocate a VIP from the VIP pool for the service. The service is then enabled and configured under the VIP section on the AVI controller UI.