After upgrading Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition to 2.5, verify that all the components are working as expected. Delete the snapshots that you took before the upgrade.




Physical Infrastructure


  • Switches are accessible.

  • All VLAN communications are working properly.


  • Open the host client on a browser and verify that you can log in to the host.


  • vSAN is accessible and is in a healthy state.

Management and Resource vCenter Servers

  • Management and Resource vCenter Servers are accessible.

  • All cluster properties are correct.

  • All vSphere Distributed Switches are working properly.

NSX-T Data Center

  • NSX-T Manager and its component connection status must be up and in green color.

Airgap Server

  • Airgap server is accessible, and its Harbor server is ready with all repositories and Helm charts.

vRealize Orchestrator

  • vRealize Orchestrator is accessible and you can run the workflows.

Tanzu Kubernetes cluster

  • All pods in the Tanzu Kubernetes management and workload clusters must be up and running.

  • Users must be able to instantiate new Cloud native Network Functions (CNFs).

  • Users must be able to deploy new Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.