The NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller can be deployed in a standalone and clustered solution.

Controllers continually exchange information securely with the service engines and with one another. The health of servers, client connection statistics, and client-request logs collected by the service engines are regularly offloaded to the controllers, which share the work of processing the logs and aggregating analytics. The controllers also send commands down to the service engines, such as configuration changes. Controllers and service engines communicate over their management IP addresses.

Design Recommendation

Design Justification

Design Implication

Deploy three NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controllers.

Three is the required number to create a cluster.

Requires triple the required resources needed for the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller.

Create an NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller Cluster.

Enables high availability for the management plane.

Creates a single point of administration for the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller cluster.

One additional IP address is required.