The Avi Controller is the single point of management and control for NSX Advanced Load Balancer and high availability. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer deployment is managed from the Avi Controller, regardless of the number of applications being load balanced or the number of Service Engines required.

For more information, see Cloud Creation and other sections in the Avi Vantage Infrastructure page.


  1. From the Avi Controller UI, create a user account and log in to the Avi controller UI using the user credentials.
  2. Add the cloud infrastructure of type VMware vCenter and configure the Port group for Management connectivity.
  3. Configure IP Address Management (IPAM) and DNS profiles for the cloud infrastructure.
  4. Verify that the Cloud infrastructure is added successfully to the Avi Controller.
  5. Create a Service Engine Group on the Infrastructure page.

    You must have a unique Service Engine Group per Workload Cluster.

  6. Under the Networks tab, add a network pool for the cloud infrastructure. This pool is used for Virtual IP and Service Engine IP assignments.