This section describes the procedure to deploy a new Airgap server.


  1. Download and deploy the Photon OS 3 OVA as the new Airgap server.
  2. Follow the Prerequisites for Setting up the Airgap Repository.

    Ensure that the management network of the new airgap server has internet access.

  3. Configure the Airgap server VM based on the resource requirements (4 CPU, 8GB RAM, and multiple disks) for the Airgap server.

    The airgap server might store multiple versions of repositories, so we recommend that you use the VM with multiple disks.

  4. Power ON the new Airgap server and configure it as follows:
    1. Set FQDN and IP address to the new airgap server VM.

      After the server boots for the first time, log in with the default credentials (user: root, password: changeme) and change the password when prompted.

      For Static IP:

      vi /etc/systemd/network/

      For Hostname:

      vi /etc/hostname and update it with FQDN.
    2. Restart the network service:
      systemctl restart systemd-networkd
    3. Install the tar package:
      #tdnf install tar -y