This section describes how to move a newly deployed Airgap server VM from an Internet-accessible environment to an Internet-restricted environment.


  1. Power OFF and export the Airgap server into the OVA format.

    For instructions, see:


    If you are using a proxy or a dual arm network, you do not need to export the Airgap server VM.

  2. Deploy the Airgap server from the Airgap OVA.

    For instructions, see:

  3. Customize the Airgap server according to the Internet-restricted environment (target environment), create a copy of the deploy-user-inputs.yml file as user-inputs.yml and define the environment-related parameters in the user-input.yml file:
    root@photon-machine [ ~/airgap/scripts/vars ]# cp deploy-user-inputs.yml user-inputs.yml

    For more information, see the Telco Cloud Automation documentation. A sample configuration of parameters is as follows:

    #1. General Configurations
    server_fqdn: FQDN
    root: /root/airgap/
    #2. Network Configurations
    iface_name: eth0
    dhcp: False
    #3. Server Certificate Configurations
    #False: customer bring certificate.
    #True: Playbook will generate a private root CA.
    auto_generate: False
    server_cert_path: /root/certs/FQDN.cert
    server_cert_key_path: /root/certs/FQDN.key
    ca_cert_path: /root/certs/ca.crt
    #4. Harbor Configurations
    # Password must be the same that you specified in the setup-user-inputs.yml file. 
    harbor_password: <Admin user password for Airgap>
  4. Run the deploy script:
    root@photon-machine [ ~/airgap ]# scripts/bin/ deploy

    This command reconfigures the Airgap server based on the environment-related parameters defined in Step 3.