If you have a vCenter Server, you can automate the installation and creation of transport nodes on all the NSX-T Data Center hosts instead of configuring manually. If you want to prepare a cluster so that all hosts in that cluster are prepared as transport nodes, apply the cluster with the transport node profile.


  1. From a browser, log in with admin privileges to an NSX Manager at https://<nsx-manager-ip-address>
  2. Select System > Fabric > Nodes > Host Transport Nodes.
  3. From the Managed By drop-down menu, select an existing vCenter Server (Compute vCenter Server).
  4. Select the Compute Cluster and click Configure NSX.
  5. Select the Transport Node profile and click apply.
  6. From the Host Transport Node page, verify that the NSX Manager connectivity status of hosts in the cluster is Up and NSX-T Data Center configuration state is Success.