Download the NSX Manager installer OVA file.


  1. Deploy the NSX Manager TCP-COMP-NSX in the cluster TCP_MGMT_CLUSTER.
  2. Select TCP_MGMT_VSAN_DS as the target vSAN datastore.
  3. Map the virtual network adapter to the Management Network port group.
  4. Set the appliance network parameters, including the IP address, mask, and gateway.
  5. Specify the NSX Manager role.
  6. Verify that the appliance hostname and IP address are registered in the DNS.
  7. Specify the NTP servers to use for time synchronization. For more information, see the Install NSX Manager.

    VMware Tools™ is pre-installed on the NSX-T virtual appliance. Do not upgrade or uninstall the version of VMware Tools included.

  8. Add a Compute Manager.
    1. Add the Management vCenter as a compute manager from the NSX manager UI.
    2. Add a Compute Manager. For more info about adding compute manager
  9. Deploy Additional NSX Manager nodes to form an NSX cluster for High Availability.
    1. Deploy two more NSX Manager nodes to form a cluster from the NSX Manager UI.
    2. Deploy NSX Manager Nodes to Form a Cluster from the UI.
    3. Configure Virtual IP address for NSX Cluster. For more information, see Configure a Virtual IP Address for a Cluster.