A tenant is a construct for providing appropriate resources for various constructs. A tenant can be a service. A shared resource infrastructure environment can provide an NFV consumption model with secure multi-tenancy. You can create one tenant to run VNFs from one vendor and another tenant to run VNFs from another vendor.

You can facilitate NFV transformation on a shared resource infrastructure environment with multi-tenant consumption models. Multi-tenancy isolates resources and networks to deliver applications with quality for each tenant. Because multiple tenants share the same resource infrastructure, you can enable secure multi-tenancy by using the VIM in a single cloud island and across distributed clouds.

Resource infrastructure can be converged across IT and network clouds by enabling a multi-tenancy IaaS. Consumption models can serve internal and external tenants over the shared infrastructure so tenants can deploy and operate their workloads and services. This results in the network, compute, and storage isolation with quality of service.