VMware Telco Cloud Platform™ — 5G Edition is a cloud-native platform powered by field-proven VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure™ coupled with automation. It provides a cloud-first approach that delivers operational agility for virtual, cloud-native 5G, and Edge network functions. Telco Cloud Platform helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) roll out 5G networks and deploy 5G applications, solutions, and services more quickly across the multi-cloud infrastructure.

This Platform Upgrade Guide describes the process of upgrading Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition from version 2.5 and 2.7 to version 3.0 based on the Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition Reference Architecture 3.0. Before upgrading the Telco Cloud Platform components, see the Telco Cloud Reference Architecture Guide 3.0 and the product documentation of each Telco Cloud Platform component.


VMware vRealize products are being rebranded to VMware Aria. Throughout the Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition documentation, both Aria and vRealize naming conventions are used interchangeably.

  • VMware Aria Operations™ for Logs (formerly VMware vRealize® Log Insight™)

  • VMware Aria Operations™ (formerly VMware vRealize® Operations™)

  • VMware Aria Operations™ for Networks (formerly vRealize® Network Insight™)

  • VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator™ (formerly vRealize® Orchestrator™)

Intended Audience

This guide is for telecommunications and solution architects, sales engineers, field consultants, advanced services specialists, and customers who want to upgrade Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition. Ensure that you have knowledge of the deployment and configuration of each Telco Cloud Platform component.