A workload domain consists of VMware ESXi hosts managed by a single VMware vCenter Server instance, storage for workload data, and network equipment to connect to the data center.

Management Workload Domain

The management workload domain contains a single vSphere cluster called the management cluster. The management cluster hosts the VMs that manage the solution. This cluster is crucial for the management and monitoring of the solution.

Compute Workload Domain

The compute workload domain can contain multiple vSphere clusters. For information about the minimum and maximum number of ESXi hosts supported in a vSphere cluster, see VMware Configuration Maximums.

The Edge cluster, which hosts NSX Edge VMs, is part of the compute workload domain. This cluster provides virtualized network services such as load balancers and the north-south routing infrastructure to support the workloads.

For information about the maximum number of supported ESXi hosts and VMs in a compute workload domain, see VMware Configuration Maximums. The vCenter Server maximums can be further restricted by configuration maximums of other products such as NSX. The actual number of ESXi hosts and VMs per workload domain might be less. We recommend that you consider the maximums of all products together and choose the lowest value.