The Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition design uses VMware vSAN as the shared storage for workloads. Enable vSAN on the management cluster and create a datastore.

For detailed configuration steps, see the VMware vSphere documentation.


  1. Enable vSAN for the cluster TCP_MGMT_CLUSTER.
    1. In the left Navigation pane, select the cluster.
    2. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Settings.
    3. Click General.
    4. Click Edit and select Turn on vSAN.
  2. To create the vSAN disk group, select all the cache and capacity drives of hosts ESXi_MGMT_01 through ESXi_MGMT_04, and add them to the vSAN cluster.
  3. Name the vSAN datastore TCP_MGMT_VSAN_DS.
  4. Verify that the vSAN datastore TCP_MGMT_VSAN_DS is visible to the hosts ESXi_MGMT_01 through ESXi_MGMT_04.
  5. If the vCenter server appliance is deployed on an NFS Datastore, migrate the vCenter Server from the NFS datastore TCP_NFS_DS on ESXi_MGMT_01 to the vSAN datastore TCP_MGMT_VSAN_DS.
  6. In the Migrate wizard, under the migration type, select Change both compute resource and storage.

What to do next

After configuring vSAN, do the following tasks:

  1. Verify that ESXi_MGMT_01 through ESXi_MGMT_04 are participated in configuring vSAN datastore creation and consumed hard disks from each ESXi host.

  2. Verify that the vSAN datastore TCP_MGMT_VSAN_DS is visible to all four hosts in the cluster.

  3. Verify that TCP_MGMT_VC resides on the vSAN datastore.

  4. Run the vSAN Skyline health check to verify that vSAN is configured properly.


    If you find any errors during the verification, ensure that the errors are fixed before you proceed with the next steps.