VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer is previously called Avi Vantage Platform. Telco Cloud Platform uses Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO) to deploy Avi Service Engines for load balancing needs. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer deployment involves creating an Avi Service Engine (SE) that is programmed through Avi Controller to advertise Virtual IP Address (VIP) to upstream Routers using BGP and to forward requests backend to the underlying Kubernetes Pod. NSX Advanced Load Balancer can be configured to L4-L7 load balance across container workloads (CNFs) by deploying an ingress controller known as AKO and leveraging the standard Ingress API in the Telco Cloud Automation CaaS Clusters.


  1. Download Avi Controller OVA version 22.1.3.

  2. Deploy the Avi Controller on a vCenter Server. For more information, see Installing Avi Vantage for VMware vCenter.