Some services are optional in the Management Domain. For example, NSX-based overlay services are not mandatory in the management domain. However, depending on the components deployed in the management domain, Load-Balancer services might be required.

NSX is not a mandatory component in the management domain. By using NSX in the management domain, the following service can be leveraged:

  • Overlay networking for isolation between management components

  • Micro-segmentation between management components on a common management subnet.


Do not place mission-critical management components on overlay networking. Edge routing or networking issues can prevent access to these components until the issues are resolved.

Load Balancing in the Management Domain

Several applications in the Management domain require a Load Balancer deployed in a highly available configuration:

  • Aria Operations: Aria Operations requires a load-balancer to balance requests into the UI or API and for service availability.

  • Aria Automation Orchestrator: To provide a high-available Aria Automation Orchestrator deployment, multiple Orchestrator VMs must be front-ended by a load-balancer.

  • Cloud Director: To ensure availability in a multi-cell Cloud Director deployment, the service must be front-ended by a load-balancer.

  • RabbitMQ: For a high-available external RabbitMQ deployment required for Cloud Director, the service must be front-ended by a load-balancer.

The recommended Load-Balancer service for the management domain is VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (AVI). For more information about the Load-Balancer design, see Load-Balancer Design (NSX Advanced Load Balancer).