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What’s Telco Cloud Platform?

VMware Telco Cloud Platform™ — 5G Edition is a cloud-native platform powered by field-proven VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure™ coupled with automation, providing a cloud-first approach that delivers operational agility for virtual, cloud-native 5G, and Edge network functions. Telco Cloud Platform helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) expedite the innovation cycle to deliver new applications and services, reduce operational complexities, and achieve substantial TCO savings over other approaches, further accelerating CSPs’ cloud modernization journey to 5G.

The Telco Cloud Infrastructure components, their interactions with each other, and how they meet CSP requirements are described in the Telco Cloud Infrastructure 5G Reference Architecture Guide.
Figure 1. Telco Cloud Platform 5G Architecture
Telco Cloud Platform 5G Architecture

Major Features of Telco Cloud Platform

  • CI/CD Pipeline Integrations: Deploys, redeploys, and upgrades network functions quickly and reliably, achieving telco-grade resiliency and always-on service availability.

  • Service-Aware Infrastructure: Optimizes resource utilization and increases agility by gaining real-time awareness across every aspect of the telco cloud from infrastructure availability to service requirements.

  • Tailored Design and Onboarding: Creates optimized network function and service Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) templates compliant with ETSI standards using a visual blueprint composer.

  • Lifecycle Management: Improves operational efficiency by automating provisioning and managing of infrastructure, network functions, and services.

  • Streamlined Deployment and Maintenance: Accelerates service deployment, simplifies upgrades, and reduces overall costs by transforming integration-intensive projects into efficient product deployment.

  • Automation: Determines where and when network functions should be deployed, decommissioned, and moved by combining Service-Aware Infrastructure and Lifecycle Management capabilities.

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