The Server Manager discovers and monitors configured application processes on a host system. Based on your configuration, the Server Manager generates an event when a process is missing, or when the number of instances of a process is above or below a configured threshold.

Server Manager provides the ability to monitor a group of related application processes that together provides a service. Server Manager monitors an application group and displays the events under the class ApplicationServiceGroup in the topology. An ApplicationServiceGroup has a ComposedOf relationship with the Application class and PartOf relationship with Host.

In the topology, an Application instance represents a process and an ApplicationServiceGroup instance represents a group of application processes that provides a service. Also, you can assign an application process to a user-defined application service group instance.

Server Manager allows you to:

  • Configure process monitoring manually for hosts by specifying individual processes.

  • Create an application template by specifying a group of processes to be monitored with or without an application service group.

  • Configure filters for discovering applications using the application templates on single or multiple hosts. This reduces the amount of manual work for discovering and monitoring processes in a large deployment.

  • Discover Application instances and create relationships to Application Service Groups or to user-defined application service groups.

  • View template and filter information.

  • Configure automatic process monitoring for a set of hosts.

  • Configure process monitoring using a full application command path.

  • Monitor applications for availability.

  • Monitor applications for CPU/Memory usage.

    The Server Manager monitors processes by using either WMI or SNMP polling. It uses pattern matching based on the configured process names.

    For the Server Manager to perform process discovery and monitoring using SNMP, the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB needs to be enabled on host servers. Server Manager supports WMI-based process discovery and monitoring for hosts that do not have SNMP support.