Hardware environmental parameter and host resource monitoring via SNMP is disabled by default. The Server Manager generates a notification when a configured parameter on a given host exceeds the minimum or maximum value allowed.

The Server Manager works with proprietary MIBs using SNMP agents from the following systems:

  • Dell OpenManager

  • Sun Management Center

  • IBM Director

  • HP Systems Insight Manager


    No configuration is required for operating system monitoring.

    To enable hardware environmental parameter and host resource discovery and monitoring:

    1. At the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory, type the following command:

                           sm_edit conf/esm/ESM.import
    2. Type TRUE for the IsEnvironmentDiscoveryEnabled and the EnableCPUFilesystemMemoryDiscovery parameters. For example:

      # Set to TRUE to enable discovery of 
      # Fan, TemperatureSensor, PowerSupply, VoltageSensor
      # via SNMP. Not applicable to WMI discovery.
      IsEnvironmentDiscoveryEnabled = TRUE 
      # Set to TRUE to discover Processor, FileSystem, Disk and Memory. 
      # via SNMP. Not applicable to WMI discovery.
      EnableCPUFilesystemMemoryDiscovery = TRUE
    3. Save and close the file.

    4. Restart the ESM Domain Manager to load the changed values in ESM.import file into the ESM server.