As an alternative to using the IP tagging feature to correct a duplicate IP address problem, consider setting the EnableUnmanageAdminDown parameter to TRUE in the tpmgr-param.conf file to prevent the problem from occurring. When EnableUnmanageAdminDown = TRUE, the IP Manager will not discover any IP address that is associated with an administratively down interface.

This discovery behavior allows for a situation in which two devices are sharing a management IP address for the following reason:

The currently active device is to be replaced by the administratively down device.

In this situation, the IP Manager will discover and create an IP object for the currently active device, but will not discover an IP object for the administratively down device. Thus, no DuplicateIP object is created, and the IP Manager can use the IP object to poll the currently active device. When the replacement device becomes active, and the currently active device becomes administratively down, the polling will continue.