The IP Manager Reference Guide provides the events and thresholds for file systems along with their description.

The thresholds defined in the System Resource Group serve as the default and may be overwritten by values in one of the new File System groups. If a file system instance belongs to a particular File System group, it inherits the group’s threshold settings. In case it does not belong to any group, the thresholds in the System Resource group that the device belongs to will apply.

When new file system groups are created, they do not have any matching criteria and are empty. You can add new matching criteria and configure the thresholds for each file system group. This can be done in the Matching Criteria tab for the selected file system group in the Polling and Thresholds window.

Each file system group is placed in the order of priority in the Polling and Thresholds window. You can change the priority from the Priority tab. The matching of the file system instances begin from the highest priority group and continues in the order of priority. A file system instance that matches a group is not considered for matching with the remaining groups.