The IP Manager implementation of the SNMP protocol is strict in that the implementation only sends or receives SNMP messages that conform to the SNMP standard. Unfortunately, not all SNMP implementations are as strict. The result is that the IP Manager might receive non-conforming SNMP messages. In some cases, the IP Manager can successfully interpret and handle non-conforming messages.

One such case is when an SNMP agent returns the values of an SNMP request in the wrong order. For example, the IP Manager requests the values for var1, var2, and var3, and the SNMP agent returns var1, var3, and var2.

The IP Manager writes a message to its log file:

SWFE-W-Agent violates lexicographic ordering in response to GET_NEXT: Agent:, First OID:

Although this problem does not hinder discovery, you might want to contact the system vendor to see if a fix is available for the vendor’s implementation of the SNMP protocol.

By default, the IP Manager is configured to accept additional non-conforming SNMP messages because, in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/ file, the value of the SM_SNMP_BUG_COMPATIBLE environment variable is set to TRUE. The System Administration Guide provides information about environment variables.