From the IP Manager, a satellite Domain Manager not only receives its initial topology and subsequent topology updates, but it also receives Layer 1 (physical) and Layer 2 (data link) status updates that are relevant to the imported topology. As an example of the types of objects that are imported from the IP Manager, Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP imports router and switch objects along with the following objects that are associated with the routers or switches:

  • Card

  • Interface

  • NetworkConnection

    • Cable

    • TrunkCable

  • IP

    • DuplicateIP

  • IPNetwork

  • SNMPAgent

    • VRAgent


      The indentations in the bullet list indicate class hierarchy. The IP Manager Reference Guide provides descriptions of these object types.

      Although all satellite Domain Managers import topology and topology updates from the IP Manager, not all import topology collection sets. That is, some satellite Domain Managers use a means other than light discovery to import topology and topology updates from the IP Manager. The individual configuration guides for the satellite Domain Managers state which Domain Managers import topology collection sets.

      By default, light discovery is disabled.

      The IP Manager User Guide provides instructions on configuring the IP Manager to create topology collection sets.