Knowing the health of the network objects in your network is crucial to ensuring optimum network performance. Constant monitoring, especially of critical ports in the network, is necessary to detect when performance deteriorates so that you can take appropriate corrective action.

IP Performance Manager monitors the performance of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network objects in switched and routed networks, and automates the analysis of faults using performance thresholds. Faults can occur in systems (switches, routers, hubs, bridges, and hosts) and in network adapters (ports and interfaces). When a performance threshold is exceeded, IP Performance Manager generates a system-level exception notification.


Thresholds can be set in the Polling and Thresholds tab in the Domain Manager Administration Console. The IP Manager User Guide provides information on how to set thresholds.

For example, when a particular network adapter exceeds the ErrorThreshold, IP Performance Manager notifies HighErrorRate fault for network adapter and generates an ErrorException for the system that contains the network adapter. In addition, if the network adapter is a member of a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), IP Performance Manager also generates the exception notification at the VLAN level.