You can specify the read community strings that are used by discovery in several different places:

  • Discovery filter

  • Seed file

  • Add Agent command

    If read community strings are specified for a discovery filter, the IP Manager uses those community strings when polling the systems that match the discovery filter. The IP Manager User Guide provides information about specifying read community strings for a discovery filter.

    If no read community string is specified in a discovery filter, or no community string is specified in the seed file or through the Add Agent command, or the specified community string is not correct, the IP Manager selects a community string in the following manner:

  • Tries the community strings that appear in the Read Community Strings window (Topology tab) of the Domain Manager Administration Console.

  • If no community strings appear in the Read Community Strings window, reads the default read community string in the discovery.conf file.

  • If no read community strings are found for a system, places the system on the Pending Devices list during an initial discovery attempt, or notifies a DiscoveryError during a rediscovery attempt.

    Initial discovery and rediscovery errors are discussed in “Discovery error scenarios and results” on page 186.