Router# show vdc
vdc_id  vdc_name                          state               mac
------  --------                          -----               ----------
1       switch                            active              00:18:ba:d8:3f:fd
2       Payroll                           active              00:18:ba:d8:3f:fe
3       RSUDAM2                           active              8c:b6:4f:e9:f3:42
4       RNORM6                            active              10:8c:cf:1d:fd:42

It gives the MAC address of individual VDC belong to the Nexus 7k Switch. This is used to update default VDC ComposedOf relation with the other VDCs that are created.


If the default VDC goes down, then the other VDCs are also impacted. However, IP 9.1 generates only one Down root cause instead of four individual VDC Down problems.