A device may have one of three certification levels:

  • CERTIFIED — VMware, Inc. has successfully tested a simulation of the device by using standard and proprietary MIBs that are supplied by the vendor.

    The IP Manager discovers the device by using standard MIB-II data and proprietary MIBs.

  • TEMPLATE — VMware, Inc. assumes that the device supports some standard and proprietary MIBs, but VMware, Inc. has not tested the device.

    The IP Manager recognizes the object ID (OID), but has no information about the MIBs that this device supports.

    All field-certified devices are assigned a TEMPLATE certification level.

  • GENERIC — VMware, Inc. does not have the OID for the device.

    The IP Manager does not recognize the OID and responds by classifying the certification level of the device as GENERIC, adding the device to the Node class, and analyzing the device by using MIB-II data.


    A certification level named VALIDATED still appears in the oid2type configuration files but is no longer used. VALIDATED has essentially the same meaning as CERTIFIED.