The BladeEnclosureManager has the following relationships:

  • ComposedOf/PartOf relationship with:

    • Card

    • Fan

    • PowerSupply

    • TemperatureSensor

    • VoltageSensor

  • SystemPackagedIn/PackagesSystems relationship with ComputeFabric.

    The UCS Manager is embedded with the Fabric Interconnect (FI) which provides seamless management of the UCS components by providing the redundancy configuration. Each FI has individual IP address. In order to support the redundancy, both are configured with a management or cluster IP address. Therefore, the user should provide the management IP address (cluster IP address) in order to discover the device.

    “Attributes and MIB Object IDs” table in Chapter 1, Network Objects, in the IP Manager Reference Guide lists the attributes and the MIB ObjectIDs of the Cisco UCS entity (ComputeFabric) and the Cisco UCS chassis (BladeEnclosureManager).