For a discovery candidate system that is identified by its hostname, the hostname might resolve to multiple IP addresses. If the IP Manager cannot reach the system by using one of the first several IP addresses that the name resolution service finds, the IP Manager does not discover the system. Instead, the system is placed on the Pending Devices list, and subsequent attempts to discover it will also fail.

Discovery cannot resolve the hostname for a system when one of the following is true:

  • The name resolution service returns more IP addresses than the operating system allows.

  • None of the IP addresses that are returned by the operating system result in the IP Manager’s reaching the system’s SNMP agent.

    If you are using a seed file, you can solve the hostname resolution problem by simply replacing a system’s hostname with an accessible IP address of the system’s SNMP agent. If making this replacement is impractical because your seed file is generated automatically, read the following discussions of name resolution sources.