The following additional folders and files have been added to the IP installation directory:

  • smarts/dasl — This folder contains all framework files related to the DASL framework and not expected to be edited by the end user. The files include XML, XSD, dasl, dlg, inc, and so on.

  • smarts/conf/dasl — This folder includes the configuration files related for the DASL framework support in IP. The files include .import files, .conf files, and so on.

  • smarts/rules/dasl — This folder includes .asl files required for initialization and discovery of objects related to CLI or XML discovery.

  • smarts/local/logs/dasl — This folder contains all the logs related to the DASL framework. There will be one log for each server started, that is, one DASL log for each server started.


    DASL folders <BASEDIR>/smarts/dasl/logs and <BASEDIR>/smarts/dasl/local/logs/dasl are created as part of the installation even though DASL is not supported on Solaris.