Depending on a system’s state, you can invoke one of the following four actions on a system on the Pending Devices list. Right-click the system to see the available actions:

  • Accept

    Pertains to systems in the THROTTLED state, which means that the system matched an autodiscovery filter that is configured for manual accept mode. If you accept the system, the IP Manager changes the state of the system to UNDISCOVERED.

  • Remove

    Available for all systems on the Pending Devices list. Selecting this action removes the system from the Pending Devices list. If you remove a system, the IP Manager prompts you to confirm the removal.

  • Mark Non-SNMP

    Available for all systems on the Pending Devices list. When you designate a system as Non-SNMP, the IP Manager reclassifies the system as a Host and adds it to the topology at the next discovery interval assuming that the system responds to the IP Manager’s ICMP request. Systems that are marked as non-SNMP are treated similarly to systems that are marked as ICMPONLY.

    Once a system has been marked Non-SNMP in the Pending Devices list, you cannot change its status. You must rediscover the system manually by using the Add Agent command or by importing the system from a seed file.

  • Rediscover

    Initiates a discovery of the system.