A Domain Manager is a service assurance application that is associated with a particular type of information technology domain, such as networks, systems, applications, or application services. For IP Manager, the domain is IP network transport. A Domain Manager includes a Repository of the managed topology and a problem correlation model that monitors network elements, uses correlation technology to pinpoint the root causes of failures, and diagnoses the effects of failures on related elements. Domain Managers report results to the Global Manager for consolidation, and display through the Global Console.

Each Domain Manager is autonomous in the sense that it:

  • Maintains its own data models, repository, and problem signatures.

  • Monitors and analyzes the discovered objects in its own domain.

    IP Manager represents four Domain Managers:

  • IP Availability Manager

  • IP Performance Manager

  • IP Server Performance Manager

  • IP Availability Manager Extension for NAS

    IP Availability Manager and IP Performance Manager are examples of Domain Managers. You can choose to start IP Availability Manager (AM) only, IP Performance Manager (PM) only or a combination of both IP Availability Manager and IP Performance Manager (AM-PM).

    The VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Installation Guide for SAM, IP, and ESM Managers provides the procedure to install services manually for the underlying servers used in the IP Management Suite.