A license file for the IP Management Suite may contain three types of licensing:

  • Application licensing

  • Feature licensing

  • Volume licensing

    Volume licensing requires a license for each discovered system.

    Each IP Manager in the IP Manager deployment will retrieve blocks of volume licenses from the license server as needed when discovering systems. If an IP Manager discovers more systems than it is licensed to discover, it will generate the OutOfLicense notification to indicate that no more volume licenses are available and that no additional systems will be discovered.

    When the OutOfLicense is notified, the IP Manager will complete the discovery of any system and its components in the midst of being discovered, which includes all virtual routers that are configured for a router or a switch that implements virtual routers. When a router or switch that is implementing virtual routers is discovered, the chassis-based router/switch is counted as a system, and each virtual router is counted as a system. Any new discovery candidate systems are added to the Pending Devices list in the UNDISCOVERED state, and the message “Out of license” appears below the Discovery Status section of the Discovery Progress window.

    If you receive an OutOfLicense notification, request for a new license file that has a greater number of volume licenses. The VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Installation Guide for SAM, IP, and ESM Managers provides the procedure to install a license file and the System Administration Guide provides more information about license management.