The Containment probe discovers the components of a system, including ports, interfaces, MAC endpoints, and any cards or modules. It queries the following MIB variables:

  • ifType

  • ifDescr

  • ifSpeed

  • ifMtu

  • ifPhysAddress

  • ifAlias

  • ifName

  • Other variables

    If the Containment probe has access to vendor-specific MIBs, it queries additional variables to gather additional information, such as:

  • Duplex mode (full-duplex, half-duplex) of ports and interfaces.

  • Data link connection identifiers (DLCIs) for Frame Relay virtual connections.

  • NIC-teaming ports and interfaces for teamed connections, as described in “Discovery of NIC teaming” on page 166.

  • IPSec and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) interfaces for IPSec and IKE tunnels, as described in “Support for IPSec and IKE tunnels” on page 98.

  • Virtual and real IP address and port information for load balancer virtual connections.

    For bridges or switches, the Containment probe might also query the dot1dBasePortIfIndex MIB variable.