Redundancy groups for network adapters, network connections, and systems must be manually created by using the dmctl utility or an Adapter Scripting Language (ASL) script.

To create a redundancy group for one of these types of objects:

  1. Create an instance of one of the redundancy group classes.

  2. Insert the objects that participate in the redundancy group into the ComposedOf relationship of the redundancy group.

    The following example uses the dmctl utility to create an instance of a system redundancy group and inserts two members into the group:

    /opt/InCharge7/IP/smarts/bin/dmctl -s INCHARGE-AM-PM
    Server INCHARGE-AM-PM User: admin
    admin's Password: XXXXXXXX
    Domain Manager Control Program (V7.0.0.0) -- Type 'help' for a list of commands.
    Attached to 'INCHARGE-AM-PM'
    dmctl> create SystemRedundancyGroup::RouterRedundancyGroup
    dmctl> insert SystemRedundancyGroup::RouterRedundancyGroup:: ComposedOf
    dmctl> insert SystemRedundancyGroup::RouterRedundancyGroup:: ComposedOf

    Network adapter, network connection, and system redundancy groups can be viewed through the Domain Manager Administration Console or the Topology Browser view of the Global Console.