IP Availability Manager diagnoses root-cause problems and detects (computes) events from status changes gathered from or issued by devices in the managed environment. It uses the events as symptoms to diagnose root-cause problems.


Events used as symptoms to diagnose a failure can also be perceived as impacts resulting from the failure.

IP Availability Manager also generates exceptions, or aggregate events, where an exception is a collection of problems or events associated with a particular managed system, IPv6Network, or VLAN. IP Availability Manager generates an exception whenever any of the composite problems or events for the system, IPv6Network, or VLAN occur. For example, IP Availability Manager will generate an exception for a router when a card on the router has a problem or the router is down.

The Global Manager imports all problems diagnosed by IP Availability Manager and certain key events detected by IP Availability Manager. It also imports the IPv6Network inaccessible exception. The problem notifications (one problem per notification), notifications (one event per notification), and IPv6Network exception notifications (one exception per notification) are displayed in the Global Console.

The IP Manager Reference Guide provides information on key attributes, diagnosed problems, generated exceptions, and detected events for all categories of network object types in the IP Availability Manager data model.