IP supports discovery and monitoring a wireless LAN. As part of wireless LAN discovery and monitoring, IP discovers Wireless Controllers, WirelessAccessPoints, Wireless Clients and Authentication server. An authentication server provides authentication service for different network elements such as Wireless Clients.

The IP Manager Reference Guide provides more information on topology classes and root-case analysis scenarios for Wireless LAN.

The Wireless certification is currently supported for two vendors, namely Cisco and Aruba. The certification of the two vendors can be found in the following conf files:

  • oid2Type_Cisco.conf in <BASEDIR>\IP\smarts\conf\discovery

  • oid2Type_Aruba.conf in <BASEDIR>\IP\smarts\conf\discovery


    IP server does not generate any alert if the status of the authentication server is UNKNOWN. So, if the WirelessController is Down, the related authentication server status is UNKNOWN. Therefore, to get the proper status of the authentication server, rediscover any other running WirelessContoller that is serviced by the same authentication server.