Threshold groups for system resources are used to configure parameters for system analysis. The sensitivity of the system thresholds is determined by the role of the system.

The IP Manager Reference Guide provides information on the default system resource threshold groups, their target classes and matching criteria, and their default settings. The target class for all system resource threshold groups is UnitaryComputerSystem.

  • The default group-to-setting mappings in the table are the mappings that users would typically use. The settings that are available to a system resource threshold group are as follows:

    • Cisco Fast and NvRam Memory

    • Connectivity

    • Environment

    • File System

    • Interface Management Policy

    • Juniper Environment

    • Processor and Memory

    • VLAN Tagging Policy

  • The “Other Systems” group has the lowest priority. Managed systems that do not match the criteria for the other system resource threshold groups become members of the Other Systems group. For example, managed host systems become members of the Other Systems group.