Voltage and Temperature thresholds are set to generate alarms when the actual values in the devices cross the defined threshold values.

Two types of values can be set for voltage threshold, that is, high and low voltage threshold. Only one threshold can be set for the temperature sensor, that is, the high temperature threshold. Accordingly, two types of alarms can be generated for voltage sensors, and only one alarm can be generated for the temperature sensor.

You can configure separate thresholds for different voltage and temperature sensors in the same device.


The threshold values set at the Instance level take precedence over those set at the Device Type (System Resource Group) level. When no values are specified at Instance level, Device level threshold values prevail. Additionally, if the value for the parameter, UseMIBThresholds is set to TRUE, the MIB values will take precedence over the threshold values set at IP for alarm generation.

By default, the following are available:

  • Groups called TemperatureSensor and VoltageSensor. These groups are empty and do not match any temperature or voltage sensors.

  • The thresholds defined in the System Resource Group serve as the default and may be overwritten by values in one of the new groups.

    If a temperature sensor or voltage sensor belongs to a particular group, it inherits the group’s threshold setting. In case it does not belong to any group, the thresholds in the System Resource group will apply.