Discovery errors are generated for systems that support SNMP. When an error is encountered during the rediscovery of such a system, the IP Manager notifies a DiscoveryError. If the AccessMode for a system is ICMPONLY and the system is not reachable by ICMP during discovery, the IP Manager does not notify a DiscoveryError.

To obtain more information about a DiscoveryError notification, attach the Global Console to the Global Manager and double-click the notification in the Notification Log Console view to open the Notification Properties dialog box. Select the Details tab to see the DiscoveryErrorInfo attribute. A Details tab appears for the IP Manager that notified the event.

The following is a list of errors that result in a DiscoveryError notification:

  • SNMP request times out

  • SNMP agent loops

  • System Down

  • Qualified access address not found

  • System previously discovered fails authentication

  • Explanation modes differ