Chapter 5, Discovery, in the IP Manager Reference Guide describes the device entry fields for a field-based certification.

Note the following about device entry field descriptions in oid2type_Field.conf:

  • The discovery driver keywords are listed in the ic-oid2type.asl file, which is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/rules/discovery directory.

  • For each discovery driver keyword in a device entry, the IP Manager searches the ic-oid2type.asl file to find the prefix value that is needed to identify the name of the appropriate discovery driver. The naming format for a discovery driver is:


    The driver class is either GA_Driver or GA_CompoundDriver.

  • Once the appropriate discovery driver is identified, the IP Manager finds the discovery driver in the .import files, which are located with the oid2type files in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/discovery directory.

    The discovery drivers that are associated with the discovery driver keywords are described in detail in “Phase 3: Probe the system added to the topology” on page 38.

    The discovery drivers that are associated with the ADNR and DSCVDATA keywords work together to gather MIB-II-like interface and IP data within a device’s vendor-specific MIBs. The gathered data is used to determine whether the target device is a “match” to another device.

    Although a “VRRP” keyword exists to point to vendor-specific VRRP drivers, no comparable keyword, say “HSRP,” exists to point to vendor-specific HSRP drivers. Reason: HSRP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that runs only on Cisco devices. The HSRP driver, named Cisco-HSRPGroup-Driver, is defined in the DISCOVERY_CISCO.import file.

    Many of the discovery driver and instrumentation keywords have MIB-II counterparts that can be useful in field certifications. Here are some examples:

  • CONT = Generic-MIB2


  • Interface-Fault = MIB2

  • Interface-Performance = MIB2

  • Interface-Ethernet-Performance = MIB2

  • Port-Fault = MIB2

  • Port-Performance = MIB2

  • Port-Ethernet-Performance = MIB2

    For a device entry that specifies MIB-II discovery and instrumentation, the IP Manager will use generic SNMP MIB-II drivers and instrumentation to discover and monitor the device.