You may wish to receive SNMPv3 traps from some of your network devices. The SNMP Trap Adapter supports the following SNMPv3 features:

  • The ability to receive SNMPv3 traps, convert them to SNMPv2c, and forward them in SNMPv2c format to other elements of the system such as the IP Manager or other advanced networking Domain Managers or to the Service Assurance Manager Adapter Platform.

  • The use of the SNMPv3 User Security Model (USM) for authentication and privacy, as described in RFC-3414.

  • The ability to load USM user credentials using text files (similar in format to existing IP domain manager seed files).

  • The use of authentication protocols MD5 and SHA-1 (RFC-3414).

  • The use of privacy protocols DES (RFC-3414) and AES-128 (RFC 3826).

    If the SNMPv3 network devices are configured to support authentication and encryption, you have to load the agent credentials using a seed file to enable the SNMP Trap Adapter to receive the SNMPv3 traps.