Remember that new devices will only be added to the topology if you do one of the following:

  • Enable autodiscovery and create an appropriate filter configuration for automatic addition.

    New devices are not automatically found and added to the modeled topology during discovery unless autodiscovery is enabled. If enabled, autodiscovery occurs whenever either a full discovery occurs or a pending device is successfully discovered.

    When full discovery takes place, all devices that are already in the topology will be probed during discovery in an attempt to autodiscover new devices. If the managed topology is unstable, autodiscovery is a very useful feature.

  • Use the “Import from seed file” or “Add Agent” command at the Global Console to specify new devices by name or IP address.

    Typically, for networks with stable topologies that are well documented, using comprehensive seed files is the way to add devices to the modeled topology. Service providers who manage devices under contract will typically use this approach to avoid discovering and managing devices that they are not paid to manage.

    These two methods of adding new devices to the topology can be used separately or in combination. When used in combination, using a seed file or the Add Agent command to add a device manually will trigger autodiscovery on the device upon successful discovery of the device.