The seed file entries used by the SNMP Trap Adapter are keyed by engineID/userName pair. Any entry which has the same engineID/userName pair as existing data in the LCD will result in the new data overwriting the old.

In some cases, it may be convenient to split the USM credential data into several seed files (for example, one seed file corresponding to each of several IP domain managers). You may run importSeedFile.asl once for each seed file; and they will be read in turn. All of the data from all of the seed files is merged into a single LCD. If there are duplicate engineID/userName pairs between files, the last one read is the one which will be kept.

There is not currently any way to delete a user from the LCD. In many instances, having obsolete user data in the LCD will cause no operational harm, and old entries can simply be ignored. If you wish, you may import a seed file containing the obsolete engineID/userName pair with a non-matching password to effectively disable that entry.