The Syslog Adapter can read any text file in the proper format and parse the file to generate notifications for the Global Manager. Typical products that use the Syslog Adapter to monitor security violations at specific servers or monitor routing protocols are Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol.

For example, the Syslog Adapter can listen to a system log (syslog) file that represents the combined syslog files for a group of similar routers. Then, when specified messages such as BGP adjacency changes are written in the syslog file, the Syslog Adapter generates notifications to the Global Manager through the Adapter Platform.

The syslog messages that generate notifications and the corresponding notification’s attributes are defined in the files my_hook_syslog.asl and syslog_mgr.asl in BASEDIR/smarts/rules/icoi-syslog.