The IP Availability and Performance Managers have built-in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap receivers that operate automatically whenever the managers are running. By default these trap receivers listen for traps on port 9000. Information collected from the traps is used by the correlation and analysis software inside the IP Availability and Performance Managers. “Built-in IP Manager trap receiver operation” on page 106 provides more information.

VMware recommends that you set up an external Trap Adapter (Receiver) to filter SNMP traps before they reach the Domain Managers. Otherwise, a high volume of traps reaching the Domain Managers may adversely affect their performance. A Trap Adapter receives the traps from the network and forwards a subset to one or more Domain Managers. You may also configure the Trap Adapter to send traps to the Adapter Platform in the Service Assurance Manager for conversion into notifications.

The Trap Adapter can receive SNMP v1, v2c, or v3 traps. However, it forwards only v1 or v2c traps. If SNMPv3 traps are received, they are converted to a different format (v1 or v2c) before being sent to a Domain Manager or to another trap receiver.

Two deployment scenarios are possible; however, Scenario 2 is the preferred one for the production environment.