The log files provide the most accurate source of information for discovery postprocessing. In the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logsdirectory of the IP Availability Manager or Performance Manager, there is a <servername>_en_US_UTF-8.log file where server_name is name of the Domain Manager.

Search the log file for the most recent “Started basic post-processing” statement and the most recent “Finished partitioning” statement. The duration between the times of these statements is the length of time required for discovery postprocessing.

Do not use the discovery postprocessing duration when a large number of new devices are discovered and added to the topology because the postprocessing required to create a new topology is much higher than under normal circumstances.

Additionally, in large or very meshed topologies, the greatest cost of partial discoveries, even of a single device, is in discovery postprocessing. If discovery postprocessing is taking too long, review any custom postprocessing. If it is poorly designed or implemented, it should be reconsidered before splitting the topology or adding CPUs.