The IP Manager relies on a Domain Name System server as part of the automatic name resolution process for the devices that are discovered in the managed topology. If the DNS is not properly configured, the discovery process can be slowed considerably as the IP Manager waits for DNS requests to time out.

Both the forward and the reverse DNS lookup files must be complete and properly configured. Improper configuration of the reverse lookup pointer records is a common problem. As part of the discovery design, determine if the network administration will ensure the accuracy of the DNS configuration.

If you cannot rely on DNS, you must use the seed file to name devices in your network. Doing so requires that you set the value of the NameFormat parameter in the name-resolver.conf file to TM_USESEEDNAME. Plan on creating a comprehensive seed file that includes all necessary names.

For NameFormat = TM_USESEEDNAME, seed names are not available for devices that are autodiscovered. For NameFormat = TM_USESEEDNAME, the first non-private IP address on an autodiscovered device will be used as the name for the device.